Development of an International Strategic Business Plan

Project: Development of the strategic business plan for a startup company offering mobility and accessibility solutions
Level: Local
Geographical Area: International

Ubiquity Consulting’s experts elaborated the strategic business plan for the Compagnon solution, an integrated mobility and accessibility system proposed by Mass Factory, a Spanish Catalan IT startup specialised in developing independent mobility solutions for people with disabilities or mobility impaired.

In line with Ubiquity Consulting’s values of innovation and sustainable development, the Compagnon solution supports local operators, authorities, or associations and foundations worldwide in guiding citizens with specific mobility needs, allowing them to use local transport and mobility options.

Following the comprehensive examination of the Compagnon solution, Ubiquity Consulting provided an exhaustive business plan, with the objective to guide the client on business development priorities, objective settings and market positioning, partnerships to develop, channels to use, etc. and support the solution’s visibility and sales at international level.

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Market and Feasibility Studies for new Ride-Hailing Services

Project: Market and Feasibility Studies for new Ride-Hailing Services
Level: Regional & National
Geographical Area: Europe

Ubiquity Consulting prepared market and feasibility studies for the cities of Madrid and Barcelona, commissioned by a ride-hailing company interested in a potential entrance on the Spanish market in both cities.

These strategic studies involved assessing the local legal frameworks and current transport – and especially shared transport – situation, but also proposing scenarios for potential ride-hailing operations deployment.

In a changing and sensitive political environment marked by UberPop’s temporary ban from operating in Spain in 2014, followed by Blablacar’s Spanish court sentence in early 2017 asking authorities to rule on whether their activities were actual transport services or if they were only acting as a social platform, our client’s intentions were to define business opportunities and risks in the light of legislations in place both in the Barcelona and Madrid provinces and at national level (legislations in force, taxis and private hire vehicles licensing processes, market regulations and barriers to entry, competent authorities, etc.).

After completing the market study, Ubiquity Consulting focused on the feasibility study and proposed different operational scenarios, taking into account competitors and mobility players already present on the market, economical indicators, vehicles advantages (e.g. using electric vs. conventionally fuelled) and proposing an assessment of risks and benefits for each scenario proposed.

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Technical Assessment for the Potential Acquisition of a European Operator

Project: Technical Assessment for the Potential Acquisition of a European Operator
Level: National
Geographical Area: Europe

Integrated within the Mergers & Acquisitions team of one large international multimodal Transport Operator, Ubiquity Consulting supported its client’s efforts to determine the validity and economical interest of buying a smaller European Transport Operator.

Our team therefore conducted a full economical and technical review on the smaller Transport Operator’s operations processes, existing assets (notably electric buses and ferries) and planned future developments, to assess and attest of the current and expected state of the company over the years to come. The conclusions of this full review were then used at highest levels within our client’s company to take decisive strategic decisions.

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Overview of Activities for 2015

Happy 2016!

In this post, Ubiquity Consulting’s team would like to give you a short glimpse of its activities during 2015.

Countries with whom we collaborated:

Italy – Kuwait – Spain – The Netherlands – The United Kingdom – The United States

Some keywords to define our collaborations:

Business Development – Governance – Innovation – Knowledge – Manufacturers – Mobility – Project Management – Rail – Sustainability – Training – Transport – Transport Authorities

Our clients and collaborators’ core activity:

Consultants – Industries – Operators – Transport Authorities

We would like to thank our clients and collaborators for this wonderful year, and look forward to collaborating again in 2016!