Mapping of the European Carsharing Market


Understanding the European Carsharing Market

Who are the major players in Europe for carsharing? In which city or country are they present? What is their business model? How and where to start a carsharing business?

Whether you are an IT solutions provider looking to expand sales, a mobility operator willing to develop or enhance its services, an authority responsible for carsharing on its territory, or a newly-created carsharing company, this database will support your organization by bringing straightforward replies to your operational, tactical and strategic questionings!

Use Cases Examples

An international mobility player, who is already active in the carsharing sector outside Europe, wants to have an overview of the carsharing market in a specific country or city before establishing new services.

A city hall or regional administration who wants to know more about carsharing operator’s business models and strategies, in order to organise in an optimal way intermodality over its territory.

Benefits of the European Carsharing Database

  • A ready-made tool gathering all carsharing actors in enlarged Europe
  • A quick overview of the situation, no waste of time for your collaborators
  • A great support for decision-makers
  • Easy management of entries and contacts


One-time database buying: 3.000 € (VAT excluded)

Annual updates: 1.000 € (VAT excluded)