Sustainable mobility as a key to innovative transport system

This week sees the publication of an article by Ubiquity Consulting, “Sustainable mobility as a key to innovative transport system”, prepared for one of our long-term partners from Poland, Cogito Technology Consulting. The article appeared in a report entitled “Serving Citizens Technology”, which presents global trends in urban development, together with the most innovative Polish solutions in urban space.

With the objective of supporting cities to become more attractive to their residents and above all, more resilient, sustainable and inclusive, this report focuses on topics such as circular economy, open data, sustainable transportation, innovation, behavioural economics, civic sourcing or collaborative governance.

The article develops on the trends which are currently shaping the transport sector, such as electrification, shared mobility services or technologies such as MaaS or the blockchain, while taking into account the increased pressure on local decision-makers intending to make their cities more healthy, connected, accessible and eventually, more resilient.

This article is available here on Cogito Technology Consulting’s webpage. We hope you will enjoy this reading.