Assessment of the Potential of EVs & Transport Solutions in Cabo Verde

Project: Assessment of the Potential of Electric Vehicles and Other Sustainable Road Transport Solutions in Cabo Verde
Level: National
Geographical Area: Africa

A project commissioned by GIZ (the German International Cooperation Resources for Sustainable Development) in collaboration with ECREEEECOWAS and CERMI, this assessment of the potential of EVs and other sustainable road transport solutions in Cabo Verde strongly focused on the potential use of renewable energies to power electric mobility on the islands.

During this three-month project, Ubiquity Consulting had the opportunity to interview key stakeholders in order to assess the current transport situation, evaluate the state of the grid and available (renewable) energy production sources, estimate GHG emissions at national level and compare these to various scenarios of fleet renewal, or establish a set of strategic recommendations to be established at national level in order to progressively introduce electric vehicles to defined population segments.

As a prequel to a NAMA Support Project, Ubiquity Consulting also provided recommendations from a governance, social, economical and environmental perspective in order to foster renewable energies and sustainable mobility, which arguments will make the case for the NAMA Support Project and other national-level supporting legislations.

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